Care instructions

Soy/beeswax candles must always be burned to a flat completely melted pool. Once this pattern is broken the candle may start ‘tunneling’ decreasing burn time. To fix this you can use a heatgun or blowdryer to melt and then remove a small amount of wax to prevent drowning your wick.

First burn

The first burn is very important and needs to completely melt the top layer to encourage full candle life.
The recommended burn time for these candles is up to 4 hours and no shorter than a fully melted pool (30 minutes to 1 hour depending on candle size)

Burn times

Short burns damage the wick and risk drowning it in wax before you get to the “bottom” of the jar.
Too long of burns will burn off additional oil (lessening the throw) and in extreme cases (12+ hours) could potentially become a fire hazard.

Fire safety

Candles should not be burned when there is a small amount of wax remaining in the container. We recommend you discard the candle once wax reaches the final centimeter (a little less than 1/2 inch).

Reason being the final amount of wax can melt and the wick can shift to the edge of the container. Once the wick shifts to the edge of the container risk of the jar/container breaking (from direct heat on the side of the glass) can increase exponentially. We make sure to affix our wicks with heat resistant materials but will always recommend against burning your candles all the way to the bottom for this reason. If you choose to burn your candle further, against our recommendation, please make sure to keep a VERY close eye on the lit candle and do not let it leave your sight. It takes seconds for a wick to shift and can become an immediate fire hazard soon after.

Sizing details

Tealight candle sizes will burn for approximately 4-6 hours if properly cared for; typically 1-2 burn sessions.

Small candle sizes will burn for approximately 20-30 hours if properly cared for; typically 7-9 burn sessions.

Medium candle sizes will burn for approximately 60-80 hours if properly cared for; typically 18+ burn sessions.

Wholesale availability

All candles can be bought in bulk or in a pack. If you’re interested in a bulk order contact me directly for pricing and I will get you a wholesale ID in my system. I offer standard margins for re-sellers. If you’re interested get in touch!

Shipping Times

Shipping is typically the same-day as most candles are backstocked for immediate shipment. Orders are typically fulfilled and delivered within 1-3 business days depending on locality. Given the size of our company, larger candles are made to order based on demand, which may add up to 3 days to your delivery time to give the candles time to cure. At our discretion (and primarily during the summer months), we do not ship on Friday or Saturday to prevent product from melting while sitting at the post-office over the weekend.

If you have any questions that the above doesn’t answer please feel free to reach out to the owner directly at [email protected]

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