About Our Candles

Our candles are made with 100% all-natural ingredients.
We use a proprietary paraffin-free blend of soy and beeswax for maximum burn time and scent throw along with all-natural essential oils and phthalate free fragrances.

Ever get a headache from a candle? 
Most candles are produced using a waxy substance known as paraffin. Paraffin is an extremely cheap petroleum by-product and as such candles produced with paraffin have unsafe chemicals and by-products of their own. Some people (some of our staff included) get migraines and headaches from burning paraffin based candles.

Uncompromising Quality
We carefully hand pick every single ingredient for our candles and scents. We don’t need Prop 65 warnings on our products because our products are carefully sourced with safety and quality as our top priority.


Javier Aispuro

We had a power outage at our house a couple of days ago and we didn’t even have to worry thanks to these candles. They lit up the whole house, the entire block was jealous. 12.5/10 via Facebook

Mathew Korb

Wow. the candles are 100% lit. 11 of 10 would recommend to anyone I meet on Street. via Facebook

Rebecca Tejada

Received my candles promptly and they burn brightly. Lit them up almost immediately. Definitely recommend them! The Lavender scent is my favorite. via Facebook

Sabrina Hernandez

I ordered this yesterday, it shipped yesterday and now I have it today um amazing via Twitter

Bill Diggs

They sure last a long time via Facebook

Carmen Delgado

Just received my cucumber mint candle. It was delivered sooner than expected and it smells divine. I love it! via Facebook

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Debbie Hegeman Wowkowych
Debbie Hegeman Wowkowych
they're a completely USA comany, no chemicals, pure soy/beeswax. no lead, scents are completely safe. 😉
Rebecca Tejada
Rebecca Tejada
Received my candles promptly and they burn brightly. Lit them up almost immediately. Definitely recommend them! The... Lavender scent is my favorite.read more