5 Amazing Benefits of Burning Candles

Dec 31, 2019

Sure, we all know they can light up our homes in a power outage, but are you aware of the true scope of the benefits of burning candles? There really is so much more to them than their practical uses. In fact, candles can truly improve our quality of life in a variety of ways – let’s explore some of them!


The first and probably the most obvious benefit of having candles in your home is that they make a great decoration! Candles are timelessly stylish, so whether your home is cozy and rustic or fresh and modern, they are sure to look great. They can add a lovely ‘finishing touch’ to any room, creating a cozy, welcoming and warm feel.


Lighting a candle is a great way to wind down at the end of the day and can be really effective for easing stress and anxiety. Candles with specific scents such as lavender (https://www.candlelitcandle.co/product/lavender/), rose (https://www.candlelitcandle.co/product/sparkling-rose/) or chamomile can be especially effective for this (https://mentalhealthdaily.com/2014/02/25/aromatherapy-9-best-essential-oils-for-anxiety-and-stress/). There’s nothing better than lighting up a relaxing scented candle at the end of a hard day’s work and feeling all that stress and tension just melt away.

Productivity and focus

On the flipside, candles can actually be great at boosting productivity and increasing our focus levels. More invigorating scents can be super helpful in this respect, and different ones help in different ways. For example, mint (https://www.candlelitcandle.co/product/cucumber-and-mint/) and cinnamon (https://www.candlelitcandle.co/product/hot-cinnamon/) stimulate the cognitive senses, which in turn helps increase alertness and memory, and citrus scents can help you stay awake for a little longer if you need to get something finished. Why not give our best-selling blood orange candle (https://www.candlelitcandle.co/product/blood-orange/) a try!


Thanks to popular culture, candles are a universal symbol of romance. So whether it’s a cozy date night or meal for two, Valentine’s Day treat or even your partner’s birthday, dimming the lights and sparking up some candles or tea lights is bound to be a hit.

Beautiful burning candles with sleeping dog near fireplace


Candles are also great for helping us sleep, especially when using the relaxing scents mentioned above. By incorporating candle-burning into your evening routine you can set yourself up for a lovely, restful night’s sleep. As we’ve already discussed, candles with scents like lavender can be relaxing in themselves, but there is an extra benefit. Turning out the lights and illuminating your room, with a flame, before bed can help the brain to produce melatonin, the chemical which is responsible for making us sleepy. Just don’t forget to blow it out!

So as you can see, whatever your needs, having a collection of candles is likely to help in one way or another!

If you’re sold and are looking to invest in some amazing new candles (WELL worth it), why not try some of ours? We pour a wide range of scents, so there is something to suit everyone, and our candles are available in a variety of sizes to suit your needs!

All our candles are lovingly crafted and hand-poured using raw materials and fragrances, for that extra personal touch. <3

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