4 At-home Date Night Ideas for an Intimate and Romantic Valentine’s Day

Feb 2, 2020

Sure, going out for drinks, to the movies or for a romantic meal can be incredible, but let’s be honest, there’s something special about a cozy at-home date night with your partner.

If you’re a big fan of romancing in the comfort of your own home, staying in is just as great an option as going out, however, it can become hard to figure out how to switch things up and keep those date nights fresh and exciting. But fear not – if you’re in need of a few date night ideas, we’ve lined up our top four, so read on!

Affectionate Couple Watching Movies At Home with candles lit.

Movie Marathon

Of course, this is a classic, but the beauty of a movie night is that you can go for a different vibe each time to keep it novel. Pick a specific genre or series of movies to watch and make sure the ambiance is right! Set up a cozy den of your favorite blankets and pillows on the sofa, light a fire, dim the lights and of course, light up your favorite cozy scented candle – our ‘Stone Hearth’ (https://www.candlelitcandle.co/product/stone-hearth/) candle would be perfect for the occasion; especially as an alternative to a fireplace.

Romantic tealight candlelit dinner table setup. Man & Woman hold glass of Champaign.

Home-cooked Romantic Dinner

What better way to show your partner that you love them than to cook up their favorite meal! Create a sophisticated restaurant in your own home by laying the table, wearing something fancy and playing some soft music in the background. Of course, it wouldn’t be a ‘candlelit dinner’ without candles. Why not try turning out the lights and dotting around our tealights (https://www.candlelitcandle.co/product/tealight-sample-pack/) to create a dreamy and romantic atmosphere.

Woman applying clay mask on her boyfriend’s face. Young loving couple taking care of skin on kitchen at home with a Citrus and Chili Pepper Candle on the counter.

A Home Spa-day

A spa-day is such a great idea because it can really be tailored to whatever you and your partner enjoy! Whether it be relaxing bubble baths, treating your skin to a face mask, manicures and pedicures or even luxurious aromatherapy massages, it’s important to make sure the mood is right. Set the tone for rest and recuperation and immediately feel all the stress of the day melting away with our Chili Pepper and Citrus candle. (https://www.candlelitcandle.co/product/chili-pepper-and-citrus/)

A picnic break on the rug while unpacking, relax time

Have A Picnic

Ok, this one doesn’t have to be ‘at-home’, but can easily be done in the garden, backyard, or even your living room! Having a picnic is a really thoughtful and easy idea for when the weather picks up. In fact, an indoor picnic can even be a fun and quirky way to get those summer vibes, even during the winter months! So get that picnic blanket out, set the summer scene with an invigorating scent, such as our lavender candle (https://www.candlelitcandle.co/product/lavender/). You’ll be transported straight to that warm summer meadow in no time!

The best thing about these date ideas is that they can all really be tailored to your own tastes, or even combined. All you need to do is get creative, set the mood and enjoy spending time with your significant other.

Happy date night, guys!


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